Prototyping workshop for Transition Game on pollinators

This Saturday we were delighted to hold a game development workshop at the beautiful Leighton Moss nature reserve in Silverdale, Lancashire, UK. This was the first time the Transition Game series has been tested in person, so it was such an exciting step in the development process. We had previously test-played Transition Games online.

A core focus of this workshop was to develop ‘scenario cards’ which are drawn by players throughout the game. These are intended to provide insights into what can hurt and help pollinators in the Morecambe Bay area, showing players both what they can do to make an impact, and what might lie in their way.

This workshop allowed us to pool our collective knowledge with attendees and make use of their expertise in beekeeping, gardening and sustainability to generate scenarios through discussion.

We received a huge number of helpful suggestions with regards to the gameplay.

Huge thanks to everybody who came and gave their input, and thank you again to the wonderful staff at Leighton Moss for hosting us!


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