First Regen-D game published: Water Management

It’s a breakthrough for Ishara Press! After a year of research and development, with many rounds of prototyping, we have published the first issue of our Regen-D series.


Regen-D is a format for creating and playing serious games, and its name comes from “regenerative design”. Serious Games are games for purposes beyond mere entertainment, such as collaboration or education.


The aim of the Regen-D game series is to present case studies in sustainability and regeneration. Each game is a separate case study based on the generic Regen-D template. The template allows for an unlimited number of games to be created easily.


The core component of the game is a collection of up to 12 wooden disks with QR-codes linked to multimedia files, each of which represents an aspect of the initiative being presented. Players view each multimedia file on a screen, then flip the disk to uncover placeholder pictures on the reverse side and successively assemble them into a diagram. There are additional action disks: evaluating an element, linking two elements, and introducing a new element with a joker.


This game choreography leads players through the multimedia materials to discover and reconstruct the case study, making learning an active, engaging and fun experience. Regen-D games are also a way for projects in sustainability and regeneration to share what they do in an innovative way. All that is needed for a new game is to swap the content of the multimedia files.


This first game comes to us from rural eastern India. It documents the water management systems at Shikha Ecovillage, an innovation and education campus on the banks of the Mahanadi river.


Regen-D games are produced in a Makerspace in Lancaster.



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