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All about Us

Our work

In the field of sign languages and Deaf Studies, Ishara Press is co-publisher of two major book series.

Our work on Serious Games uses the power of games for education and collaboration. Multimedia publishing in game form supports sustainability and regeneration initiatives around the world.

With our Game Studio, we also work on bespoke game development for initiatives in sustainability and regeneration.

Our Values

Playing games is something that unites us as humans. Everyone enjoys rolling a dice, drawing a card or spinning a dial! In our own team, we likewise value experimentation and conviviality.

Our authors, editorial boards and game studio members come from diverse backgrounds, and we value this diversity. In particular, we open up publishing to people who do not normally have the opportunity to be authors.

Our Offers

With Ishara Press, you can let others know about your initiative, project, research or design in innovative ways.

You can learn about Serious Games with us, and you can even create your own game with the support of our facilitators and game developers.

Our gamification work is mostly for playing face-to-face. Some games are available in online mode additionally. Our games are used for dissemination, onboarding, and education.

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