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                                 Ishara Game Studio


The Ishara Game Studio unites all skills for developing, publishing and researching Serious Games under one roof. The Game Studio offers:

  1. Training and courses for people who want to use Serious Games in their work.
  2. Working with authors to publish a Transition Game or a Regen-D game in our series, based on their own initiative or project.
  3. Bespoke game development: a combination of game concept, design of game materials, prototyping and user testing.

Game Studio members:

Sarah Pritchard – Graphic designer

Sarah lives in Lancaster, UK and has two daughters. With over 25 years experience as a professional graphic designer working in many sectors in both print and web design, Sarah has been self-employed for the last 10 years and creates designs for many different clients.

Ulrike Panda – Game designer and researcher

Ulrike has been inventing and designing Serious Games since 2017. She has worked in many different contexts, from collaboration games for low-resource communities to hybrid analogue-digital games for education and templatic games for professionals. She also researches and publishes on gamification, and she facilitates the Serious Games interest group at the Global Regeneration Co-lab. Being a polyglot herself, Ulrike supports bi- and multilingual game development.

Dan Zeshan – Video editor

Dan is a video editor with four years of experience using the Adobe Creative Suite, amongst other industry-standard editing software.





              Bil Bas – Programmer and game component designer




               Jenny Webster – Language editor

               Jenny has been a language editor for more than 20 years. She is a university researcher who

               has written and edited publications in the fields of linguistics, deaf studies, education, diaspora

               and migration, public policy, and data protection. 




                Teddy Khanna – Project manager

                Teddy is a publishing student with a background as a writer and a literary editor.

                Through their love of tabletop games, they have developed an interest in the the potential of

                gamification as a tool.

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