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“The Regen-D game about water management in the Indian ecovillage went really well today. Everybody in our group of visitors from Sri Lanka got a turn and we managed to use all the different disks. They particularly liked thinking about the technology and the resources that the local people had access to, rather than a ‘scientific approach’ of academics sitting in a room deciding what would be useful. They were familiar with much of the infrastructure – solar pumps, etc – so could talk a lot about the problems and solutions. I thought a really key moment was when we saw the video of the system being explained – someone said ‘there is no sound’ before realising that the explanation was in sign language. This added a new level of awareness about the project.” — Dr Andrew Carmichael, Senior RA, University of Central Lancashire, UK

In our Regen-D series we use an interactive game format to publish case studies of initiatives and design proposals in the sustainability/regeneration space.

Each game has a companion book with a written summary and printable/downloadable game materials. Where appropriate, games are bi- or multilingual in English and at least one the languages of the location that the initiative or design concept relates to.

A Regen-D publication is like curating an online exhibition of multimedia resources, such as interviews with stakeholders, diagrams and charts, powerpoint slides, interim reports, or video clips of your initiative. The game uses QR-codes that link to the multimedia files. Players open the QR link and discuss the content of the linked file, then arrange placeholder pictures in the game space. This process leads the players to discover, step by step in random order, what the initiative or design idea is about. Additional task disks prompt players to engage further with the materials.

The basic process of the game:

What the game space looks like mid-way through the game:

Regen-D editorial board

Our editorial board members are responsible for peer review of the Regen-D series. They evaluate both the collection of multimedia files and the companion ebook. We have a balance of scholars and practitioners on our board, and the members come from all over the world.

Regen-D volumes

Volume 1: Water management systems at Shikha Ecovillage (published 2023)

Shop link for Vol.1

Volume 2: Local Loop: Collaborative finance for the circular economy (published 2023/2024)

Shop link for Vol. 2

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